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Needle Felted Bauble

Follow these step by step instructions to create your own felt bauble for your Christmas tree or to give as a unique gift. Polystyrene forms make excellent central cores for needle felting projects such as this. To make a spotty bauble as shown, you will need:

  • Approximately 10g of white Shetland wool
  • Approximately 2g of dyed bright red merino wool
  • A polystyrene ball (60mm diameter) and metal hanger
  • Felting needles (we recommend using a 38 gauge star needle for the base layer and then a finer 40 gauge needle for adding detail)
  • Needle felting foam pad (work surface)

All of these items are available in our shop.


1. Preparation

The polystyrene ball will form the central core of the bauble. You will needle felt directly onto the ball. You need to insert the metal hanger into the polystyrene ball before you begin to do any needle felting. To insert the hanger, carefully twist the spiral hanger into the centre of the polystyrene ball, taking care to aim for the centre of the ball. Continue until just the hanging loop remains.


 polystyrene ball

2. White Base Layer

Take a wisp of white Shetland wool and place it over the surface of the polystyrene ball. Use the felting needle to needle through the wool, into the polystyrene core. By repeatedly needling the wool, you will felt the wool and securely attach it to the polystyrene core. Take great care when attaching wool near the metal hanger to avoid damaging the felting needle. Continue adding wisps of wool all over the surface of the polystyrene ball until it is fully covered. Ensure the wool fibres are not aligned in the same direction and ensure the wool is thick enough to fully cover the polystyrene core. If any patches are a little thin, simply add another wisp of wool and needle into position. Continue until you are happy with the base layer and the bauble is white and woolly!


needle felted bauble 1

needle felted bauble 2


3. Decoration

Our bauble has red spots, but use your imagination for your own decoration! Perhaps add a child's initials for a unique gift, or a design festive scene! However, for red spots, simply take a tiny wisp of red merino wool and carefully needle into position over the white base layer. Start by attaching the red wool at the centre point of each spot, then carefully use the felting needle to drag the outer fibres into postion before needling to secure them. Carefully cover the bauble in a pattern of red spots.

Finally thread a piece of ribbon or twine through the hanging loop and your bauble is complete!


 needle felted bauble 3

needle felted bauble 4

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now completed your Christmas bauble! Hang it on the tree or enjoy giving it as a gift - either way it will be enjoyed for years to come!

needle felted Christmas bauble