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Needle Felted Coaster

Follow these step by step instructions to create your own unique Union Jack coaster. To make a coaster measuring approximately 12cm by 8cm, you will need:

  • Approximately 5g of natural white wool top (such as Shetland)
  • Small amounts (less than 1g each) of dyed bright red and navy blue merino wool top
  • Felting needles (we recommend using a 38 gauge star needle for the bulk of the work and a finer 40 gauge needle for finishing off)
  • Needle felting foam pad

All of these items are available in our shop.

1. Base layer Place wisps of the white wool onto the needle felting pad in a layer approximately rectangular in shape approximately 13cm x 9cm. Continue by placing a second layer of wool at right angles to the first layer. Repeat this until you have a thick, but airy, layer of wool which is approximately 0.5cm thick when pressed between finger and thumb. (This will use approximately 5g of wool).
                    base layer
2. Base layer Needle felt the base layer of white wool into a firm rectangle approximately 12cm x 8cm. Needle loose fibres into the edges of the base with the needle held on an angle, to create neat, firm edges. Continue needling until the base is firm and dense. Using a multi-needle holder will make this stage quicker.   needle felted base layer
3. Red decoration Take wisps of bright red wool and pull gently into a strand approximately 1cm wide. Align on the white base using the design as a guide. Hold in position and carefully needle to attach. Continue needling the red decoration until firmly attached to the base layer. At the outer edge of the coaster tuck the red fibres around and needle into position. Do not needle into the reverse of the coaster as this will bring fibres through to the front. Use scissors to trim any excess fibres off and needle in the loose ends. Continue until the fibres are firmly attached and match the design, using the needle to gently drag any stray fibres into position before needling to attach them.    needle felted red decoration
4. Blue decoration Once you have completed the red decoration, take wisps of navy blue wool and carefully place onto the coaster to form the triangular shapes. Needle to firmly attach to the base layer from the centre of the shape outwards. Use the needle to drag the fibres and form the desired shape before needling to attach. At the edges, use the needle to bring any stray fibres into position before needling to attach.   needle felted blue decoration
Congratulations! You should now have a fun Union Jack coaster to help celebrate the London 2012 Olympics and show your support for Team GB.    needle felted coaster