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Needle Felted Pincushion

Follow these step by step instructions to create your own ladybird pincushion. To make a pincushion measuring approximately 10cm long, you will need:

  • Approximately 20g of black (chocolate) Shetland wool
  • Approximately 2g of dyed bright red merino wool
  • Approximately 2g of dyed black merino wool
  • Small amount (less than 1g) of white merino wool
  • Felting needles (we recommend using 38 gauge star needles for the main body and head, then a finer 40 gauge needle for adding detail).
  • Needle felting foam pad

All of these items are available in our shop.

1. Body & head

Pull/tease off wisps of chocolate Shetland wool until you have a fist sized amount when tightly compressed. Ensure the wool fibres are randomly aligned and hold the wool tightly in a short, fat sausage shape, approximately 10cm long and 6cm fat, with one end slightly thinner than the other. With the wool held tightly compressed, repeatedly needle to form the head and body of the ladybird. A multi-needle holder with 4 or 6 needles will speed up this process. Keep needling until the felt is dense and of the desired shape with a flat base. Taper one end for the head. If you need to add bulk, simply layer over more wool fibres and needle to secure.

  needle felting needle felted ladybird body

2. Red Wings

Using wisps of red merino wool, cover just the body of the ladybird. Lay the wool fibres over the body and needle to securely attach. Ensure the red layer is thick enough to fully cover the underlying Shetland wool. Achieve a neat divide at the neck/head by using the felting needle to carefully drag the red fibres into alignment on the surface before needling to attach.

   needle felted ladybird red shell

3. Spots

Take a thin wisp of black merino wool and twist between thumb and fingers into a thin 'thread'. Align this down the centre of the ladybird and needle to firmly attach.

Spots: take a tiny pinch of black merino wool between thumb and finger and roll into a spot shape of your desired size. Position onto the ladybird and carefully needle to firmly attach. Start needling at the centre of the spot. Achieve a neat spot by using the needle to 'drag' the fibres into position around the edge of the spot before needling to attach. Repeat to create your desired pattern of spots!


 needle felted ladybird stripe

 needle felted ladybird spots

4. Eyes

Take a tiny pinch of white Merino wool and roll loosely between thumb and finger into an oval shape. Needle to attach in the position of an eye, creating an oval eye outline. At the edge, carefully drag the fibres into position before needling to attach. Repeat for the second eye. Needle a tiny pinch of black Merino wool in the centre of each white eye to form the pupil. Finally add a speck of white Merino in the top of each pupil.


 needle felted ladybird eyes

needle felted ladybird eyes

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now completed your ladybird pincushion; she will be a safe home for your pins until someone else adopts her!   needle felted ladybird pincushion