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Needle Felted Picture (hare)

Follow these step by step instructions to create your own felt picture on a canvas of prefelt. We have created a hare using Shetland wool in natural shades of black (chocolate), grey and white. You can of course use any of our wool tops, so your needle felt picture can be as colourful, as simple or as detailed as you like! To make the hare as shown, you will need:

  • A 30cm x 30cm piece of white, thick merino prefelt (400g/metre)
  • Approximately 20g of black Shetland wool
  • Approximately 5g of grey Shetland wool
  • Approximately 1g of white Shetland wool
  • Felting needles (we recommend using a 38 gauge star needle for the majority of the project and then a finer 40 gauge needle for adding detail)
  • Needle felting foam pad (work surface)

All of these items are available in our shop.


1. Preparation

The thick merino prefelt will form the canvas of your picture and should be placed squarely on your foam pad work surface. It is best to work resting on a tray on your lap, or sitting at a table. Decide on your needle felt picture and choose appropriate coloured wool tops. For the hare picture we have used a range of natural Shetland tops. Finally, always ensure your felting needles are stored safely when you are not needle felting as they are very sharp!



2. Outline

The outline of the hare has been created using black Shetland wool. Simply tease a piece of wool from the top and twist it gently to create a 'thread'. Align this 'thread' on the pre-felt and repeatedly stab with the felting needle to secure it in place.The barbs of the felting needle will 'drag' fibres from the wool top into the prefelt and secure them. You are effectively drawing with wool!

Needle felt the outline on loosely to start with and then if you are not happy with a piece of the outline, carefully lift it from the prefelt and realign. Once you are confident, needle repeatedly to secure.

Continue until you are happy with the outline of the hare.


   needle felted hare

needle felted hare


3. Completing the hare

Use the gorgeous textures and natural alignment of the Shetland wool fibres to add hair to your hare! Shadow effects are created simply by using lighter (grey) and darker (black) shades of wool. Add detail for the eye and a single dot of white wool in the pupil.




 needle felted hare

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now completed your needle felt picture. Frame it, hang it on the wall, sit back and enjoy it!