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Felting Needles - 38 Gauge Star

Felting Needles - 38 Gauge Star


These 38 gauge star (4-sided) felting needles are slightly finer than the 36-gauge and have four working edges so felt slightly faster. A very popular needle. Available individually or in packs of 5 or 10.


Quantity:  at  £1.00  each

High quality industrial European felting needles. Use a single needle for detailed work such as sculptural 3-D needle felting. Use several needles in a multi-needle holder for faster felting (often used for flat, 2-D felting or attaching layers of felt together). The 38 gauge star needle is a strong needle with four working sides, making it slightly faster to felt than a triangular needle. Ideal for 2-D (flat) or 3-D needle felting. This needle is finer than the 36 gauge needle but can still leave small visible holes when needle felting finer fibres (such as Merino). If you require an even smoother finish, use the 40 gauge needle. All needles are supplied in a safe storage tube with colour-coded labels. Needles are available as single needles or packs of 5 or 10.