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Felting Needles - 40 Gauge Triangular

Felting Needles - 40 Gauge Triangular


These 40 gauge triangular felting needles are fine needles, ideal for working with very fine fibres or very detailed work. Available individually or in packs of 5 or 10.


Quantity:  at  £1.00  each

High quality industrial European felting needles. Use a single needle for detailed work such as sculptural 3-D needle felting. Use several needles in a multi-needle holder for faster felting (often used for flat, 2-D felting or attaching layers of felt together). The 40 gauge triangular needle is a fine (thin) needle and is slightly bendy. It is perfect for felting very fine fibres, finishing work or for adding fine details but is not recommended as a general purpose needle. All needles are supplied in a safe storage tube with colour-coded labels. Needles are available as single needles or packs of 5 or 10.