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Felting Needles - 40 Gauge REVERSE Barb Triangular

Felting Needles - 40 Gauge REVERSE Barb Triangular


These 40 gauge REVERSE barb triangular felting needles have the barbs facing in the opposite direction from traditional needles and pull the wool back out. They are perfect for creating a fuzzy surface. Available individually or in packs of 5 or 10.


Quantity:  at  £1.25  each

High quality industrial European felting needles. These 40 gauge reverse barb triangular needles work in the opposite direction to traditional felting needles and pull the fibres back out slightly, thereby creating a fuzzy surface to your project. This can be the perfect finish for a hairy animal for example, but is also useful if you wish to finish a piece by wet felting the outside.  All needles are supplied in a safe storage tube with colour-coded labels. Needles are available as single needles or packs of 5 or 10.